Our TBM Disc Cutters Boring in Granite

In a project of Guangzhou Metro, the main geology is full face fresh granite whose UCS reaches up to 150MPa, and parts of the geology is various upper soft lower hard ground. Such geological condition requires disc cutters to be wear resistant and tough enough as well. Following is the pictures of our disc cutters […]

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Rock Conditions:

Rock Condition As rock condition is a key factor to cutters selection. The following is a table of rock condition. Rock Compressive Strength Sd(MPa) Tensile trength Sz (MPa) Characteristics min. average max. min. average max. Sandstone 25 170 320 5.1 17.3 30.7 High abrasiveness, massive Siltstone 30 95 180 4.1 8.5 19.0 Low abrasiveness, inhomogenous […]

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Boring 1000m in Sand Formation without Flatspotting

In a jobsite of Guangzhou Metro construction, the ground was sand formation and it’s very soft, but there were some boulders in it. So scrapers were not fit to be utilized because the scrapers would be easily destroyed by the boulders. The contractor who once used our TCI disc cutters previously once again adopted our […]

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