Jiansui Machinery is a professional manufacturer of rock roller cutters in China. Our products include TBM disc cutters for Tunnel Boring Machines, RCD roller cutters for large diameter Reverse Circulation Drills and raise boring cutters for Raise Boring Machines.

We have been developing, designing and manufacturing TBM disc cutters, RCD roller cutters, raise boring cutters for many years, and continue innovating in material, process and technology related to cutters. Our extensive experience, strict quality control system and excellent manufacturing facility ensure that our cutters are made to high standard. As a result, they have an established record of reliability and durability, and they are widely used in boring and drilling industry worldwide.

We want your projects to be successful, so we strive to recommend the right cutters for your projects according to the geological conditions and cutter-head arrangement. We believe you will get suitable cutters with us no matter what kind of geology your project faces with.

If you are looking for high-quality TBM disc cutters, RCD roller cutters, raise boring cutters, please contact us- we’ll help you find out a solution.

TBM disc cutters
TBM disc cutters, also called TBM roller cutters, roller disc cutters, TBM cutter tools, are arranged on the TBM cutter-head in a certain pattern to bore soil and/or rock.

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TBM cutter rings
With the development of material, metallurgy and heat-treatment technologies, we manufacture 17", 18", 19" and 20" standard, heavy-duty, extra heavy-duty and TCI TBM cutter rings.

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RCD Roller Cutters
RCD roller cutters, also called rock roller cutters, rock roller bits, are arranged in a certain pattern on the cutter-head of large diameter Reverse Circulation Drills, also called pile top drill.

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Raise boring cutters
Raise boring machine, also called raise borer, is usually used in vertical drilling on hard formations. Raise boring cutters are arranged in a raise boring reamer with the saddles in various patterns.

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JIANSUI is specialized in developing, designing and manufacturing high-quality TBM disc cutters, TBM roller cutters, roller disc cutters, TBM cutter disks, TBM cutter tools, TBM cutter rings, rock roller cutters, RCD roller cutters, rock roller bits, tooth roller cutters, TCI roller cutters, TCI disc roller cutters, cantilever roller cutters, raise boring cutters. Our cutters are widely used worldwide because of their reliable quality. You will find our cutters have high efficiency and long lifetime even your project faces with hard geology. You will know that selecting JIANSUI cutters means selecting efficiency and economy.