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Button roller cutters
Button Cutters
Button Roller Cutters

Button roller cutters, also called TCI roller cutters or insert roller cutters, are mainly used to drill hard and abrasive formations. We manufacture 8" and 12" button roller cutters.

  • Cutter cones are forged with alloy steel and inserted tungsten carbide tips, so they have high wear resistance and a longer service life.
  • Combined axial-radial roller bearings help improve the cutter operating load, allowing a thrust force of up to 80kN for 8” button cutters and 140kN for 12” button cutters.
  • The pressure compensation device will be added to the cutter shaft in cases of high pressure.
  • Maximum drilling efficiency is achieved by optimizing cutter profile and teeth layout.
  • 8" button cutters are used to drill the holes from 800mm to1400mm in diameter, while 12" button cutters are used to drill the holes larger than 1400mm in diameter.

You are currently browsing our button roller cutters, TCI roller cutters, insert roller cutters. We also manufacture other RCD roller cutters, rock roller cutters, rock roller bits, TBM disc cutters, raise boring cutters, tricone bits and PDC bits.

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