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Insert Tricone Bits, TCI Tricone Bits
Insert Tricone Bits
Insert Tricone Bits

Insert tricone bits, also called TCI tricone bits, are generally used to drill hard and abrasive formations with high efficiency.

The insert bits are made from carbide compacts of high strength and high toughness with new formulas and new techniques, and are inserted in bit bodies with optional size, shape and rows. As a result, they have high wear resistance and excellent cutting performance. To enhance gauge-protection and wear resistance of the cones and legs, gauge trimmers are inserted into the heel. Carbide teeth are also inserted into the back of the cones and legs, while shirttails are hardened.

The insert tricone bits utilize elastomer seal or metal seal and roller bearing or journal bearing for different application. In elastomer seal, premium HNBR O-ring, optimal seal compression and curved seal structure can enhance the seal performance. Metal seal lowers seal frictional force and improves seal life. In roller bearing, rollers are arranged in groove of the cone body to maintain journal in a bigger size and journal sealing area in a relative smaller condition. In journal bearing, journal bearing with two thrust faces, hardfaced head bearing surface. Cone bearing inland with friction-reducing alloy and then silver-plated.

We manufacture insert tricone bits in various sizes and IADC codes, please click here for details. We also provide tailor-made service according your requirements.

You are currently browsing our insert tricone bits, TCI tricone bits. We also manufacture TBM disc cutters, RCD roller cutters, raise boring cutters and PDC bits.

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