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Center Disc Cutters
Center Disc Cutters
Center Disc Cutters

The rotating radius of the center disc cutters is smaller than the other disc cutters, so the center disc cutter is susceptible to blockage. In addition, the discharge channels in the center disc cutters are too narrow to promptly remove rock chips and soil, so the cutter rings and retainers are easy to be worn out by these chips and soil. Our center disc cutters have been improved to resolve these issues.

The cutter rings must be highly wear resistant and robust because they serve as the key excavation component.

To bore through different grounds with maximum efficiency, there are various kinds of cutter rings to choose from. If the ground is very abrasive but not hard, TCI cutter rings should be considered.

To improve cutter retainer strength and wear resistance, the cutter retainers are hardened by heat treatment.

The metal seal employed greatly improves the sealing ability even under high pressure, thereby preventing leak of lubricant and ingress of foreign materials. As a result, the bearing has a longer lifetime. Under high water pressure, adding the pressure compensation device would be considered.

The cutters pre-torque value is adjusted to the proper level by preloading bearings correctly under complex ground conditions, especially in soft ground, so the cutters can rotate freely and are prevented from being blocked.

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